Practical Ways to Use Hair Dryers

Posted by: | Posted on: May 14, 2017

Hair dryers are so much of our daily lives, being without one almost seems impossible. We get out of the shower, dress and use our hair dryers to help achieve the hairstyle that we want, and then we are free to about our day. But even though they are called hair dryers, we can also use them for things other than drying and styling our hair, they can be used for so much more.
Remove wax

Use a hair dryer to remove the candle wax from your table. Gently scrape off as much wax as you can with a dull knife first, then you can use a hair dryer set on high to help soften the remainder of wax. Next all you need to do is get a paper towel or a soft cloth and wipe away the remaining excess wax.

Remove bandages

Use a hair dryer to help soften the adhesive and peel off a bandage from a wound. The hot air will help breakdown the adhesive in the bandage making it less painful when removing. The last thing you want to do is inflict more pain than necessary.

Mirror defogger

After stepping out of a hot shower, one of the most annoying things to happen is for the mirror to be all fogged up, making it really difficult to see. I highly doubt that most of us have the time to wait for the steam to subside, and wiping the steam away causing streaks really isn’t a great option either. Use a hair dryer to quickly and easily remove the steam so you can get on with your morning preparations.

Travel aid

Dry your clothes easier and faster when you are away from home traveling. You can hang the just-washed garments over a shower curtain rod or towel rack and blow-dry your clothes with the hair dryer set on high. This works great for damp clothes that haven’t fully dried and just need a quick once over.

Detect heat leaks

This trick is a great way to detect any leaks that your windows or doors may have in the winter when the heat likes to leak through. You will need two people for this to work. One person stays inside with a lit candle near the window or door that you are checking, while the other person goes outside with the hair dryer. Blow air from around the frame of the door or window and if the flame flickers, you know that you have a leak. Do this with all the windows and doors of your home and you will know which doors and windows you need to fix.


While cleaning your home and you have to dust a high shelf or under appliances, simply plug-in the hair dryer and blow the dust away. You can save the vacuuming for last so you can catch up all the dust that you blew away earlier. Dusting can’t get any easier than that?

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