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How to Stop Your Dog from Eating Paper

You have the cutest dog, fluffy, playful, perhaps with a big lolling tongue. You love your dog and they are an integral part of your family. Unfortunately, your dog has appointed him or herself the official paper shredder. You come home after dinner out to find a trail of half chewed napkins and newspaper through the house. Paper chewing is a pretty common behavioral issue, but you don’t have to live like this. Here are a few options to deal with your paper shredder:

1. Spice it up. Use hot sauce or bitter apple spray to teach your dog not to eat paper. I would go with hot sauce over bitter apple because it’s more unpleasant. Sprinkle some on the paper you have around the house. Perhaps once they get a taste of that your dog won’t be interested in eating paper.

2. Bait them to catch them in the act. Your dog has a short memory. When they’re in trouble, they r dog in it know they obviously did something wrong and will cast their eyes down and slink off to bed. The problem is, they have absolutely no clue what you’re talking about and they really think you’re a bit nuts. Leave some paper out and hide around the corner. When they go after the paper, step out and say “no” in a firm, no-nonsense voice. Use the same firm no-nonsense voice your mother or father used when you knew you were in big trouble. Don’t yell. Your dog will believe you have lost control. Don’t give your dog extra attention. After you tell your dog “no” in your firm, authoritative voice, ignore him or her as you clean up. Your dog loves attention, even if they are getting in trouble. If you give your dog extra attention when they misbehave the only thing you will teach them is that they are going to get attention if they eat the paper. After a few times, your dog should get the hint.

3. Kennel them. Get a dog crate or kennel. Put your dog in it while you’re away. It’s a safe place for them to be while you’re away. You’re dog can’t get into trouble if they can’t get to the paper. Just remember, especially during the summer, if you don’t have air conditioning your home does get hot. Make sure your dog has access to water.

4. Put it away. It may be a little more inconvenient for you, but it’s much better for your dog if you just keep the paper put away. Once your dog has been away from the paper for a while, you can slowly reintroduce it. You just have to remember paper eating is a behavioral issue. When your dog hasn’t had access to paper to commit the crime, he or she will move on to something else.

5. Redirection. Dogs are very much like little kids. If they are getting into something they shouldn’t, tell them “no”, take away what they aren’t supposed to have, replacing it with an appropriate toy. Don’t give them attention beyond that or you’re rewarding the behavior. Come back in about two minutes to see if your dog is exhibiting proper behavior. That means come back in two minutes to love on them and play with them if your dog isn’t eating paper.

Every dog has their own personality. What works for one dog won’t necessarily work for another dog. Try the various methods and see which one works for you. If all else fails, use the shredded paper as compost.

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Safety Tips for Traveling Abroad

When planning a trip to a foreign country, many travelers are excited by the aspect of being able to see foreign lands and cultures. What many don’t think about it is how to insure that they are safe in a foreign country. Travelers need to make sure of many things when traveling abroad and sometimes the excitement of the trip may overwhelm their sense of safety. Here are some tips to help your overseas travel be as safe as possible.

Research your destination

Is your destination on a State Department watch list? Where are the nearest US Embassies? Are there any specific threats against foreigners or Americans in particular? These are all questions that should have answers before your book a trip abroad. The US Department of State is an excellent resource for answer these and other questions that you may have. Click this link to get to the US Department of State’s website and check the country you’re traveling to see if everything will be safe for you.

Don’t look like a tourist

When traveling to many countries, those that look like tourists are generally the ones who are targeted by criminals. To avoid this, don’t where extravagant or expensive looking jewelry. Try not to have large cameras hanging around your neck. Make sure that you stay in areas that are frequented by tourists and don’t be fooled by a con-artists offering to get you past long lines. If it sounds too good to be true, it generally is!

Have copies of all pertinent documents

This includes your license, credit cards and most importantly your passport. Your passport is your life while abroad and if you lose it you’ll need to make contact with the American embassy immediately. Having a copy of this document in your hotel safe or luggage will expedite things and provide you with a sense of security. Also, be sure leave a copy of your passport with family or friends back home. Using a wallet from will help you keep stuff safe.

Make sure you know the laws

One of the biggest mistakes that Americans make is to assume that their American rights and privileges will be honored in a foreign land. This is a massive mistake. Foreign countries can have some laws that seem absolutely off the wall to Americans, but you must respect and obey the laws of their land to avoid some serious legal entanglement.

Be Self Aware

Know where you are and who you’re with at all times. Make sure that someone else knows who you with and where you are at all times. Many situations can be avoided by simply paying attention. Don’t allow yourself to be taken advantage of by your ignorance.

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Practical Ways to Use Hair Dryers

Hair dryers are so much of our daily lives, being without one almost seems impossible. We get out of the shower, dress and use our hair dryers to help achieve the hairstyle that we want, and then we are free to about our day. But even though they are called hair dryers, we can also use them for things other than drying and styling our hair, they can be used for so much more.
Remove wax

Use a hair dryer to remove the candle wax from your table. Gently scrape off as much wax as you can with a dull knife first, then you can use a hair dryer set on high to help soften the remainder of wax. Next all you need to do is get a paper towel or a soft cloth and wipe away the remaining excess wax.

Remove bandages

Use a hair dryer to help soften the adhesive and peel off a bandage from a wound. The hot air will help breakdown the adhesive in the bandage making it less painful when removing. The last thing you want to do is inflict more pain than necessary.

Mirror defogger

After stepping out of a hot shower, one of the most annoying things to happen is for the mirror to be all fogged up, making it really difficult to see. I highly doubt that most of us have the time to wait for the steam to subside, and wiping the steam away causing streaks really isn’t a great option either. Use a hair dryer to quickly and easily remove the steam so you can get on with your morning preparations.

Travel aid

Dry your clothes easier and faster when you are away from home traveling. You can hang the just-washed garments over a shower curtain rod or towel rack and blow-dry your clothes with the hair dryer set on high. This works great for damp clothes that haven’t fully dried and just need a quick once over.

Detect heat leaks

This trick is a great way to detect any leaks that your windows or doors may have in the winter when the heat likes to leak through. You will need two people for this to work. One person stays inside with a lit candle near the window or door that you are checking, while the other person goes outside with the hair dryer. Blow air from around the frame of the door or window and if the flame flickers, you know that you have a leak. Do this with all the windows and doors of your home and you will know which doors and windows you need to fix.


While cleaning your home and you have to dust a high shelf or under appliances, simply plug-in the hair dryer and blow the dust away. You can save the vacuuming for last so you can catch up all the dust that you blew away earlier. Dusting can’t get any easier than that?

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The M800 APEX

A big benefit of the Apex M800 is the crucial mapping program. All things considered, there’s no faulting the operation of the APEX M800 regardless of what you use it for! The software is not hard to use and understand. Utilizing the program may require the usage of a computer or other device that has to meet minimal system requirements. At $200 the Apex M800 is among the best┬ámechanical keyboards in the marketplace that are geared towards gamers.

The M800 is about the lighting effects, and I’ll demonstrate and go over its epic lighting prowess in only a moment. It isn’t gold plated, but it doesn’t matter. But if you’re purchasing the keyboard from various other retailers, be ready to pay 19.99 to acquire your wrists resting on a single something I had to do.

Essentially, M800 will ghost” your keystrokes by temporarily altering the colours of keys you’ve just engaged. In addition, there are no dedicated media keys. It enables you to modify the gorgeous illuminated keys to any colour combination you want, or select from the amazing pre-set alternatives. In other words, this isn’t your run-of-the-mill RGB mechanical keyboard.

Come to consider it, the price was inflated by the individually illuminated keys. Should youn’t cancel your service, you might incur extra charges from your carrier. Exactly why you’d like to do this is beyond me, but I’m just saying you can do it. Custom designed by SteelSeries, the QS1 demands precisely the same degree of actuation pressure for a lot of different keyboards available on the market, but with a far lower point of actuation. Like I previously mentioned, the QS1 switch includes customized stems, which means that you won’t have the ability to replace the keyset or utilize customized keycaps.

Nonetheless, the overall grade of the M800 is at a fantastic level. It’s incredibly easy to pick up your on-line order in shop and get your hands on your product efficiently. Some goods may take more time to deliver whether a product is presently not in stock. Software system requirements are usually found on the item information specification page. Catch our complete review here.

Another great feature is the GAMESENSE tab which enables you to set specific profiles up for certain games. This isn’t a problem if you prefer to establish a shortcut for photo-editing software, but nevertheless, it is sometimes a true pain if you’re attempting to record a skill rotation in Warcraft. Initially, I must admit I discovered the keys a small clunky and awkward to use, but after a week or so of working with the board, I’m finding it rather difficult to return to working with anything else. The time has arrived yet again. Registration is completely free, and it takes just a moment!

I understand plastic plank, keys, a couple lights. With what’s included, I love the rubber risers which are included. In the box together with the M800 are a few stickers, extra crucial caps, manuals and a few rubber feet which we’re going to take a good look at in only a few moments.

And as soon as the gaming becomes hectic, N-key rollover allows up to 256 essential presses simultaneously with zero issues. This will also allow it to be feasible for owners to configure extra hotkeys. Users of the original Apex will discover that the diagonal arrow keys are dropped, which might or might not lead to a fuss based on whether they were used in the very first location.

I’ll allow you to figure that out but that’s a truly impressive feature to get on any keyboard. Macros can readily be edited and recorded. You’re able to record macros too. The SteelSeries Apex M800 really isn’t the ideal keyboard I’ve used, but it’s one of the optimal/optimally.

Be certain you have a look at the video at the start of the closer look section to have a suitable look at the lighting features, for example, FN key lighting that’s an exact handy feature! The backlighting has a lot of smart capabilities. The LED illumination is actually bright and can be quite expressive, letting you make your own lighting. The SteelSeries APEX M800 comes with a per-key backlight illumination and therefore, there is an abundance of combinations for users to pick from and set up to receive their preferred effect.